TECNOBLADE is a modern company specialized in the production of knives and spare parts for woodflaking, chipping and shredding machines.

TECNOBLADE's production is extremely wide and able to fulfill any kind of requests: that is why, thanks to the competence and the experience achieved in this field, TECNOBLADE has conquered the trust of the main chipboards producing companies, both in Italy and abroad.

An accurate processing starting from the selection of raw materials.
Steel selection and control are fundamental phases to guarantee the knives a suitable efficiency and period in time. That is why TECNOBLADE uses only superior quality steels, guaranteed and certified by primary italian and foreign steel-works.

Quality control and guarantee.
TECNOBLADE's production fulfills the most severe international quality standards. These results have been achieved thanks to the use of equipments provided whit automatic control systems and with a strict inside test process, applied to the whole production.

Inside cycle processing.
The whole production cycle, from the processing of the raw materials up to the delivery of the finished knives, is managed inside the company. In this way, we guarantee the customer a careful quality control, fast processing and the possibility to fulfill specific constructive requests.

Fast deliveries.
Owing to the internal stocking of both raw materials and partly finished materials, TECNOBLADE is able to reduce delivery times for the most commonly used products.